Evil Angel

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So today, I just started reading Neil Gaiman’s new book entitled Good Omens. But to give due credit, it’s actually co-written with Terry Pratchett who is also a master of the written craft. So basically, it’s Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. And I love the cover with its title text being embossed gold. Anyway, the point being is that the book, as far as my reading on it goes, is all about angels and demons. And reading the book alone reminds me of a website that I constantly turn to every time I feel horny. It’s a website that always reminds me the beauty of occult simply because of its name rather than the content. It’s none other than what we all know as Evil Angel. 

Evil Angel is a porn site that once you have seen it, you can never forget about it. How is that so? The videos are crafted to a point of perfection.

Perhaps a signature mark is left in every video that will really keep you wanting more, just as great movies leave cliffhangers for people to reel in longing for another episode or another installment that may or may not come. But in the end, what matters is the mere fact that the show has gone on and it affected you in the deepest of ways. That’s the level of profundity this porn site holds compared to other craploaded hubs out there, which do not deserve any real value in today’s adult industry. 

Behind the creation of Evil Angel is a set of goals, one of which would be the assurance that every viewer will not fall short of porn videos, that they will get as much as they want and that they will get exactly what they want or even more to a point of pure satisfaction. With that in mind, it has a database of over 1,600 high quality and high definition videos with each video running from over 10 to 30 minutes each.

Another thing worth noting would be the photo galleries that comes with the package. The subscription by the way is only 19.95 dollars a month. Truly affordable. Something you can’t miss!


Cheers, Its A New Bangbros Discount


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Are you familiar with the whole Bang Bus gig? Well, who would ever forget the legendariness of that site. The creators were really creative in setting out their porn gig in comparison to the mediocre society of voyeuristic site creators out there. They were rather spontaneous in creating their pieces and doing their art. For many times, the whole thing was like impromptu, they just drive and see if they find some random girl down the road.

They try to pick her up with their good looks and she comes in and she smiles and it obvious she wants sex. So she gets to have sex with the guy at the back seat and it’s all recorded in the most vivid manner. The whole thing was such a lovely experience. And if you’re wondering where they all were for the past year, you’re seeing them back now with a different name and a better gig. It’s called the BangBros. 

The Bangbros Premise

Basically, they have just sought to continue the legacy they once left. But this time, in a much grander scale. There’s still the bus and there’s still the whole crew. But this time, they take it to the streets. They go get some girls and dare them to have sex by the alley. And so they do, and it’s so lovely to see how spontaneous everything goes. And it’s funny enough to think that nobody even notices. But that’s just one angle of the whole remastered piece. If you check out the site, it gets even better.

It’s a lovely piece for you bro. You get to access over 14 niche sites all conglomerating to a massive 6874 of the best porn videos in the world, half of it being the original creation of the old site. There are also photo sets that you can enjoy watching the best photos from. All these you get only for a very cheap price with the bangbros discount of ten dollars for every month. Also, each video runs at 30 minutes. You’re definitely not gonna run short of porn action. Enjoy!

DDF Network

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Whenever you plant an idea inside your head, it never goes away. You might be able to control it, hide it, and keep it inactive from time to time. But sooner or later, it will always come knocking at you, out of your mouth, out of your head. It will control you. As proof, porn. When you start to love porn, you can’t unlove it. Instead of frustrating much about the things you can’t change, might as well move on and make something out of it. Perhaps choose wise for it. Choose only the best for your own benefit, just like the DDF Network. 

Someone once told me that lust is a sin and that the Bible makes it clear, cut and dry that it’s the truth. I believe that it’s not the whole truth of it, for anything can be good or bad. It depends on how you take it and how you make yourself with it. With DDF Network, I make myself happier than ever. Just imagine being able to enjoy the different angles of porn done in the most artistic manner.

Sexy may be ascribed to lust, but that’s not the entire truth of it. Sex is procreation and it is the way we grow the world with people. Sex is art and feeling one another. DDFNetwork is a diverse site that lets you indulge into the different lenses of sex. 

As I mentioned earlier, it’s not just a website. It’s a niche site with over 13 wonderful niches of porn. With all that, subscribers are able to gain access to over 11,000 of the best videos in the industry, both self-made by the company and others from the affiliate names of the network. For passionate viewers, there are also photo sets, each containing over 120 high quality pictures each, summing up to a massive 1,000,000 photos. You literally won’t run out of entertainment in this, especially with the videos being of high quality and high definition sets. And it’s all only for 29.95 dollars a month. Get the most of your every dime with the DDF Network. 


Cheers, Its A New Brazzers Discount


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The makers of Brazzers continue to add high definition content to the site on a daily basis. There are 5882 galleries here and they can be downloaded on a Zip file for later viewing. There are 200 pictures in each set and they are all in high resolution. You got some screen captures here which means you are going to get a close up shot of a pussy or two. There are 5882 scenes here and they can be downloaded on an MP4 player, WMV and MPEG as well. Each video has a length of about 30 minutes which is enough time to take a long look at your hard cock and jack it until it gets satisfied.

It is expected that you are going to cum multiple times due to the fact that the girls here are incredibly hot. They have a porn stars section here where all of the guys and girls that appeared in the movies here are listed down. If you liked a chick’s performance then go to her here and get all of her other scenes where she performed as well. 

If all those scenes are not enough to satisfy your porn cravings then you are going to get access to 5000 DVDs in the bonus section. How wonderful is that! There is even a Community section here where you get the chance to interact with the other members of Brazzers. They give you a chance to meet other porn fans and you can share some stories with them.

It is a great way to meet new people so make a profile and upload your photo. It is like their own version of Facebook. You are going to love everything in this site. There is a forum section where you can post about various topics and reply to other post as well. You can request for some scenes that you really want and it will only be a matter of time before somebody answers the call and posts it.

Everything about the Brazzers network is perfect. They are famous for many reason, but price and crazy quality must be the main ones. No shame joining them.

Reality Kings

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You are going to get 37 quality sites at Reality Kings and that means you are going to get your money’s worth in this network. Reality Kings now has 8348 scenes and there are several ways on which you can download them including WMV and MP4. All of them can be streamed on a Flash player if you just found out that you can’t wait that long for it to finish. Each video here is 30 minutes and that is long enough to bring out the python in your pants and stroke it until it becomes a worm again.

There are 8348 photo sets and all of them can be saved into a Zip file. There are 100 pictures in each set and they are already in high resolution. The picture sets are full of screen captures and you would love it when they have a close up of that hot pussy and you know nothing is going to stop you from fingering it except the fact that you can only jack off to it and not touch it since it is in the computer monitor so there is nothing you can do about that.

The galleries can be viewed in a slide show or you can choose to view them all one by one. There is even an option for you to view the videos in your mobile device for people who are always on the move. There are more than 6000 hot girls here and you can bet all of them will give you an erection. There is an option here to save nice videos to your favorites so you can come back to them when you are feeling it again. There is a variety of content here so you can expect blowjobs, threesomes and hot lesbian action. You can expect only the best from one of the headliners in porn.

You can expect each porn fan to know about Reality Kings because they mean business when it comes to delivering the goods. You won’t be able to say no when you get a load of the amount of scenes they have in store for you in this site. It is just too good to pass up.

Blacks on Blondes

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DogFart is a network and this network has one well-experienced site called Blacks On Blondes. This site is experienced in pairing up long black shlongs with pink white punnanies and the results are hardcore interracial porn that is like an “atomic bomb” in nature!

The guys who make DogFart’s and this site’s material have been hard at work for years. They have gained a reputation for being niche masters when it comes to interracial porn. They have worked with established stars and new amateurs to come up with High Quality porn

And even if you set aside the fact that this site has enough material to keep you thoroughly engaged, there are other reasons why it is worth checking out. They currently offer 599+ videos thanks to the fact that they are an old site. 

There are 599+ picture galleries inside. The High Res, ebony-on-white images are sharp and downloadable issuing the .zip file. The matchups that are done inside are in exceptional detail, showing you the expertise and skill that these guys have in making high quality material.

However, being old doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand and ignoring the signs of the times! These “signs” are telling porn sites that members want to see High Definition material. And this site hasn’t buried its head; they have hundreds of HD videos. Formats include mobile formats and the flash player lets you look at full length and clip videos.

The “blondes” come to you in various shapes and designs (so to speak!) And even if the site’s title, Blacks on Blondes, clearly implies what kind of action is inside, there are some deviations. You will find some brunettes inside but you will always be treated to black-on-white creamy hardcore, that has not changed!

Update schedule? Every 4 to 5 days there is something new (we would like a more frequent update schedule since everything is so chocolate-on-vanilla sweet!). But, to give you something to do in the meantime, you receive access to the DogFart “twenty-site” network. So, you can now sing along and say, “Oh! sweet Happy days are really here!”

Your membership to this site is all round very beneficial. There is hundreds of material to sift through, great variety, great niches, great services, and most importantly, great interracial hardcore to be had! Blacks On Blondes gets our explicit approval and our most highest recommendation. Check them out!


Cheers, Its A New Mofos Discount


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Mofos are just simply not your average porn network. The masters behind this network are the same guys who gave the world Brazzers, so you know that they have a penchant for doing things big and flashy. 

They have a certain thirst for giving members more and more action that has lead them to their daily updating schedule. And they even upload as many as five in a single day. Simply marvelous is what many critics have to say about this network.

The updates can all be seen when you login the homepage of this network. This network currently contains like fifteen sites. The navigation features, like the drop down menu, give you the ability to see various thumbnails, go to the sites, and see what is happening inside the network. 

You have various ways of looking through the scenes whether you want them according to date, ratings, comments, or number of views. The power solely rests in your hands.

An advanced search is something that would be readily welcomed but as it stands, you will not lack ways of searching for material. Related action and hardcore scenes can be searched for thanks to the keyword tags. The model index will knock you senseless since it has all the “beauty-scorching babes” in all their freaky splendor! It also has information with profiles so that you can know your performers more intimately.

The 1601+ videos will keep you busy for quite some time and the daily updating schedule is something that you can always look forward to. The main issue many might have is that you have to go through every page since there are no other options. You cannot jump forward some pages or go back some pages.

Some of the Choices you receive from the Mofos discount video gallery include: 
1. Clip or full-length videos.
2. Wmv, mpeg, mp4, 3gp, flv video formats.
3. Various downloading options and streaming abilities.
4. Hundreds of High Definition videos.

Run to the picture gallery and what do you get? Try some 1475+ Mofos galleries and see if you will not be satisfied! Of course, you will be since the pictures are great and you can have them using the .zip file for downloading. There are many High Res clear pictures you can have.

To give you a taste of the kind of action inside, let’s list some of the sites you will find, SHE’S A FREAK, PERVS ON PATROL, MOFOS WORLDWIDE, MILFS LIKE IT BLACK, etc. And these sites will give you everything that you love when it comes to hardcore niches. The production style that these guys use is something that will delight you. The fact that they have so much fun making the material will only encourage you to freak on!

The themes are so titillating and so engaging. After that, add on the fact that the sites are constantly updating. More is always better, so these guys go ahead and give you more High Quality hardcore porn. And when you think it’s all over, they take it further by making hardcore action that speaks to all your desires and carnal needs.

Who wouldn’t recommend this network? Who wouldn’t want to join Mofos? We definitely want to join them and so should you, so its time you got your membership!


Cheers, Its A New Videobox Discount


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VideoBox is a vault. And what do vaults have? They have precious things that you find very valuable. This particular vault is a vault of quality hardcore porn action. And this particular vault is huge when it comes to the amount of movies and porn material you can get.

Which porn site do you know that has over 17000 DVD titles, not in its main gallery, but as part of its archives? Well, now you can tell everyone that you have information about such-said site. As a DVD site, this baby receives superlative marks from lovers and critics alike. So let’s get down to the base, gritty hardcore material inside!

The amount of material you will find inside deserves its own respect due to the enormous quantity and rich quality of the DVD, scenes, and pics. There are 17,773 DVD movies that give birth to around 95,156+ scenes. These scenes and DVDs have been performed by some 12,000 models. This site does absolutely nothing on a small scale!

And the huge, staggering amounts of videos are mostly very watchable stuff. There are new additions giving members HIGH DEF mode, and you have to expect some variation of quality when you join these guys. There is a wmv, mp4, and mobile formats for those who love downloading smut action. Another nifty feature is that you can start and stop downloads of movies at the exact points you want, cool right? The streaming flow is as smooth as a new baby bottom! No issues when you are buffering, and forwarding is simple and fast just the way we like it. There are other nifty features called “flow mode” that lets you watch what you want from various clips. You will be able to sample a lot of action using this feature.

Videobox just amazes us with their five updates every day, adding to an already remarkable amount present in their vault-like galleries. The stars are listed, the directors, categories, niches, studios, time updated, and so much more. The navigation is simple and the features so joyous to use.

Some of the action inside you might have seen, but really, there is no way you have seen the thousands of movies and scenes this site has to offer. At the end of the day, the thing that helps these guys to thrash and trash the competition is the amount and variety of material they have.

VideoBox massacres all completion when it comes to amount of material. They also hold their own when it comes to services, quality, navigation, layout, and a thousand other little things that make a good porn site. For a small entrance fee, you will be able to access over 12 years of hardcore sexing that will turn your dull life upside-down and shake you to your very core. To us, that sound like the best deal ever!

Digital Playground

Cheers, Its A New Digital Playground Discount


 $9.95 for One Month and $10.00 monthly for One Year


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Digital Playground production has been happening for the past couple of years and they have released some “thought-provoking action for sure!” What these guys do best is commonplace hardcore porn niches that you are accustomed to. Their site is exclusive and you can expect some quality action to float your way.

What do we mean when we say “commonplace hardcore niches?”

Well, we are talking about hardcore orgies, DP, threesome, anal, cum shots, penetrations, toy play, and so on. Don’t get us wrong, just because you know these niches doesn’t mean that the action inside is all too predictive and boring. There is something to see and enjoy inside. 

“Material-wise what are they offering?”

There are some 1500+ Digital Playground picture sets, some 502+ DVD titles, and 2700+ videos/scenes, with the picture sets having around 80 pictures or more. The material that these guys are presenting goes way back to 2000. They are (and have been) adding new action routinely, that is why they have such action packed galleries.

Let’s speak a bit about the quality of the material inside. The action that has been uploaded recently stinks of nothing but exceptional beauty and clarity. The streaming flash player with its HIGH DEF option is marvelous. They also offer different streaming qualities to make everyone feel satisfied.

The major let down that these guys clearly have is that they have yet to transition from a “streaming-only porn site” to a more “streaming and downloading porn site”. No downloads available inside, sorry. 

The good thing is that you will have nil issues with the streaming capabilities of this site. And even though they might just be protecting their turf and merchandise by restricting downloads, we still want them to give us that option!

“Any other blemishes you should be aware of?”

Well, they could use a more versatile interlinked navigation masterpiece but the one they have still gets the job done. You will have to make do with lower-quality older-action since it is not in HIGH DEF and HIGH RES mode. These are just small issues that do not reflect badly on the whole picture. They are still very, very, very good!

You need it, and they have it. All they want is your time, some membership fee, and lots of tissue to soak up all that juice you will be emitting. Digital Playground has DVD titles, models, hardcore punany, and very little problems or issues. And even if they do an upgrade, what they have now is not something that you can easily pass up. Check them out!