Tiny 4K

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Whenever someone just collects beautiful small gals around them, we immediately feel the bulging state of our “member” because we have a thing for beautiful small gals. Tiny 4K speaks to us with a lustful tone and we want what they have…all of it! Usually whatever we want, we normally get, and this site has a very good membership price so we got ours and looked around to see what they got. This particular site only has a couple of months of being alive and functional, so we were not expecting monumental bulky archives and neither should you. They have only 4000k bitrates videos inside, which is the kind of size that produces HD quality material.

Number one good thing about a membership pass here is that you are getting exclusive action. The gals are all small and have smallish figures and frames. They first start by showing everyone what kind of wetness they have, touching, spreading, and great spread-shots. The guys with the hard stiff rod soon come to get them sucked, and squeezed into incredible tight pussies and asses. Everything is filmed in HD quality. They have various hardcore materials for you to get pleasure from.

There is the 1080p HD quality that many sites produce in. Then there is this particular site that gives you 4000 pixel resolution for the videos, which is not something many sites will do. The site was specifically made for giving you small girls fucked hard in video quality that not many sites offer nowadays. They did try to do something with the picture gallery also. The best focus for the images is in high res, 1500-by-1000 pixel quality. The jpeg images you will be able to download using the zip file are going to help you fantasize fucking these gals even more. The site contains flv, mpg, mp4, wmv files, and settings for different options, and navigational options that allow members to move more quickly, easily.

Having only been alive for a couple of months, of course, people who hate everything are going to focus on the small amount of content. However, what you need to focus on is the thirty-minute videos and the two hundred pictures per set that they have inside. They are also growing which increases your porn collection. Using the trial version given will cost you more every month so it’s perhaps better to get full membership. The site has got big files, so stable fast internet connection is the best option for you.

Tiny 4K video files are some of the most astoundingly clear content that we have seen from any porn paysite out there. The gals are so small but take immense dicks in various holes and establish that they can be hardcore freaky if they want to. Its worth looking into this site, they will grow.


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SnapLeaks has got more than seven hundred and forty updates that they offer up to any member who wants to join them. Anyone interested in signing up needs to know that they are a network with six sites inside. The biggest most popular theme prevailing inside are; exes, galfriends, teens, young sex, ethnic, and amateur porn productions. The network says that a big portion of the material is user submitted, and they have lots of past and present material to keep you entertained.

Being very into reality amateur themed material, the content inside is mostly POV, and amateur shot. From the site Black GFs, you will find ebony honies being exposed and doing various sexual things from orgies, sex, blowjobs, nudity, and so on. Those who love coeds probably are very aware of the Dare Dorm site that is part of this network also. We have reviewed this site separately and found out that they got wild student porn that is very entertaining. Apart from that, for more student-orgies and porn you have Crazy College GFs. Next on the list is Asian gals and galfriends inside Crazy Asian GFs. Revenge reality porno from the GF revenge site makes you keep watching. Number 6 is the site Horny Birds closing out the group and handing you more stag sex parties, orgies, and variety of gals and porno that you can watch until you nut all you want.

If there is something you desire seeing involving young bodies and amateur porn, this network is hard at work to make it happen. The content is tagged with the date it was submitted. You will have text that helps members discover more about the scenes, gals, and producers of the movies. The overall attempt of making the pictures clean and big is appreciated since it makes the pic gallery nice for members. Options you get include zipping pic files and downloading them. They have long clips almost an hour long, thirty-minute movies, and HD movies.

The flash player is dominant when it comes to performing since it streams instantly the porn videos you select. The network appears to add various updates every week, maybe even doing daily updates. You will get harmony and uniformity from the 6 sites, and the network will become stronger, since they are just newborns really in the porn industry. The network does have some things one may consider pitfalls. The design looks simple but oldie for those into cutting edge designs and features. The ads are there but they can be distracting at times.

In conclusion, you get membership to 6 sites inside the snapleaks discount offer, then bonus material from other sources. Your total amount of accessible porn is therefore more. The price they charge for admission is good.

Lets Try Anal

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It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the biggest source of information and the exchange thereof can be tapped as a tool for malicious intents and purpose. We have failed to see the obvious and that is where one of the greatest tragedies lie. Too much systems integration and development, anyway, have corresponding ramifications. But then again, we also have to try something new, right? Sometimes, Lets Try Anal. Read on and let’s do a bit of dissection!

Trouble being impalpable at the early stages indeed confines our capacity to prognosticate the price we may have to pay for all the changes we try to incorporate — and this is because we now live in a modernized nation where diplomacy is the front of all state activities. Or at least that is how it is supposed to be. At Let’s Try, we’re going to see lots of defiant actions in the name of sexual encounters. They would do things beyond our imagination. All the girls here are crazy and we’re all going to love it! I already do and it’s your time to! Acrobatic shit has gone lengths with sex!

What sane, pacifistic mind could have thought that the internet will eventually turn out to be an essential step upon the propagation of malicious schemes? I guess we find the answers here at Let’s Try Anal where all the girls would do as they please because they want to express their freedom to show to the world what they really are and what they really love. There aren’t thousands of videos here, but the tad bit of that is all it takes with the magnificent content this site has been creating and producing. As of the current, there are 120 videos to play, all of which are good for 35 minutes of coquettish fun each. These are basically full movies and they’re all HD, which adds up to the vividness of the scenes.

The tube player of the site can be really intuitive and it enables the users to play the videos in HD without any hassle and without the trouble of slow loading times. In addition, downloads are always there, both for the videos and the photo galleries. For more surprises and to get to know how awesome Lets Try Anal really is, join them now and enjoy watching girls having anal porn like never before.

Digital Desire

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How far can one really go in the name of religion? Does there not exist any greater honor than one’s departure from family in the name of religion? Would one kill for religion? If so, then that is not religion, but an utter misconception of how it should be to have one. Major conflicts today involve Sunni militants piously fighting for the glorification of a new caliphate. They would even hire people via the internet for their twisted cause. Rather than going that far, it’s better to just immerse oneself into sensuality. The best way to do that, alone, would be through Digital Desire.

It is so easy to guess what the site is really all about because of the sexy name it has. It’s a porno site, but it’s definitely not just the kind you would see on a regular basis. It’s something different and sensational. The team behind it has had long time experiences working with high profile porno sites. That would pretty much explain why, as you enter the site, you will come to notice that everything seems to be totally processed, like all is clean and the thumbnails are so freakin’ sexy and naughty. I guess that’s just how Digital Desire works in the service of its loyal patronage.

Just so you know, the creator of this site is none other than one of the most sensational visionaries in the porn film industry. He goes by the name of Stephen Hicks and his legendariness never seems to ever fade. If you don’t know who he is, he is a longstanding director in the industry and has received multitudes of awards during AVNs and whatnot. To give you an idea what it is you are about to witness, D. Desire is a pool of hardcore videos. If you’re a fan of either Penthouse or The Playboy, this would be like the crossbreed of both — that spells amazing. Currently, there are 1066 vids to choose from and each would be a good 8-minute magically sensual show. There are no download restrictions, which means download all you want!

Digital Desire has opened its doors for quite a long time now and still leaves it open for anyone. If you’re really into authenticity of experience, go with none other than this one.

We Are Hairy

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Your best teacher has actually taught you nothing. You will learn more from the worst. You will always be a better person by wanting not to be like him. If you think you’re in love, you are just thinking and not actually in love. People who truly love each other have no time to waste thinking about love. These are points for reflection in a site we are going to review today, which will really strike you right in the heart with girls having lots of hair in their vagina and someplace else on the body.

We tend to be really conscious about how we look and sometimes we end up being too vain. And that’s not really a bad thing because we are all humans and we all want to look and feel good at the same time. But here at the We Are, wait for it, Hairy! the girls don’t really give a fuck about how they look because they know for a fact that they look really beautiful and nothing will ever obscure the beauties that they possess. For one thing, their pussies being quite a home of rose bushes and it’s actually lovely. The guys would lick it and stick their tongues inside. They would penetrate it with the penis like a henchman making his way through the forest and so it goes!

The insides of this site is quite an awesome treat. You’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t really take any Brazilian beauty to get a euphoric sensation while watching porn. You’ll also get to realize that those rosebushes actually make the sensual experience much more profound and satisfying. To further testify into those standards, there are 199 videos currently nestled in the precious receptacles of the site altogether with 700 plus photo sets that will surely make your days more colorful and brighter. Each video would be good for at least 15 minutes and you can also choose by model, which helps a lot if you have found your favorite porn stars to play with.

Unlike any other porno resource, We Are Hairy is quite an idiosyncratic choice to go with. The girls are beautiful, but they’re not just about that. They have the vigor and feisty figure every man could ever wish for. Learn more by subscribing!

Casting Couch X

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If you must talk with conviction and some sense of self-righteousness, be sure that you know what you’re talking about. This is why I don’t really give my opinion. I would first hear everything than rush into an argument headlong and ill-informed. Personal inquiry matters more than anything in the act of discerning. Such is the case with public agents determining which women would be assets to them. For your reference, there is always Casting Couch X which we have for a quick and awesome review for today.

One of the things I really love about the adult industry is that they tend to be really creative and realistic all at the same time. I mean, if you think about it, there really are people who would do just about anything to make money. Getting paid for sex is only the least on that sentiment. But, let us settle there and see it in a positive light as it is indeed a blessing. Girl comes for an interview, they eventually go naked and get fucked in the ass, having to suck the cock and get fucked right in the pussy thereafter. The best part is that you see her face happy and satisfied. No, the best part is actually that she gets paid and goes home with more in her pocket and that she gets to be interviewed anytime she wants! It all happens in the couch.

CastingCouchX is like The Godfather of all porn sites and I’m not even kidding, nor am I exaggerating. They are like the inception of every famous porn star out there, they get to tell the tale on the perspective of every beginning actress in the industry. The first part is when the guy would interview the girl, inquiring her about her inspirations and her motivations in trying out her luck in the industry. He gets convinced and she gets fucked and then she gets all the cum in her face later. There are 21 updates that have injected into the site, which has truly improved in all possible ways. Changing the quality has been made easier and they have beautiful models that would really blow you away.

Casting Couch X is one of the visionaries in the adult industry. They conceive all the best porn stars in my opinion by exposing girls of their inner sexual talents. Furthermore, this site gets a 9.5 out of 10 from its critique base.

Jav HD

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I think a lot of people don’t get it. The very simple point about our negative reaction is a critique against the prevailing mentality of our time. It has nothing to do with the personal love affair of two people, but on how commercialism has taken advantage of the beautiful in order to dominate the brittle minds of the majority to the delight of the manipulative forces of capital and greed.

Those who defend them bitches is barking up the wrong tree. If you just look at how beautiful they are, would a goddess like her, vilified yet so admired, even need a syllable or two from you? You have to understand that there is a prevailing system that is unjustly using the masses to further the economic interests of a select few. But let’s not go that far and just enjoy the moments we have with JAV HD. All the bitches you could ever want at your reach.

Of all the sites in the world, why go with JAVHD? You see, we have a lot of options and the best way to narrow down the selection is to look at the regional origins. The JAV comes from the hottest Japanese girls you could ever come across. Therefore, it is a massive moaning porn site with a miracle whip of the HD magnificence. Here, you will see the irony of the Jap girls. They don’t want to be involved in matters involving love, yet they want to get fucked over and over again, that they’re actually having fun. It’s heaven!

First of all, there are thousands of videos for you to keep tabs on. By that, I mean to say 5,000 plus high definition videos, crystal clear quality to serve as vitamins to your eyes. The videos are good for approximately 35 minutes of playback each. They can also be downloaded and you don’t have to worry about any limits at all. You get the maximum extent of the service with one subscription term.

There’s no better place to look for a network of hot Japanese girls having fun doing sex other than JAV HD. Relish the moments and enjoy life with these Asian treasures.

Club Seventeen

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lf you feel that you love someone, don’t hide behind your shadow. Tell her what you feel. If you are unsure, tell her anyway. If you think it might hurt you doing so, it’ll pain more not telling her for you won’t really know what the future may hold. Heaven has many doors. So, she’ll dump your roses in the garbage bin, then buy her tulips. She’ll let loose her pitbull, then bring her a poodle on your next visit. She’ll tear that centennial love letter of yours, then get a loan and put up a billboard! It is not about what you feel.

It is about strategy. You will do everything, even if it’ll take you forever, because it is her and only her who made you feel that way. But if it’s a seventeen year old you’re going bonkers for, might as well just watch the contents of Club Seventeen until you meet the girl of the right age.

So, okay, what makes this site so much of a talk in the industry these days? First of all, they have lots of videos for you to watch. Another thing is that they are so good at creating videos that are played well by busty and hot and giant tits, blessed seventeen year old girls. Exactly what you need, right? One more thing is that they exhibit more than just the usual kind of girls — they have the European chicks for you to want to fuck.

How much should you be expecting with the promising note attached within the very name of Club Seventeen. For one thing, when they said lots of videos to watch, there are over 455 for you to look forward to. The site gets an update every week and all their videos that have been uploaded from March of last year are all in HD. Also, there are photo galleries for you to check out, creating a database of millions of photos for you to stare at and ogle.

Club Seventeen is also known for its 20-minute videos as well as their full movies. Furthermore, if you want to enjoy the full blast of amazingness oozing from this magical porn site’s database, you’re only gonna have to spend $9.95 a month. Go ahead and make your way to this new personal nirvana.

Teen Mega World

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Gregg Alexander once said in his song write-ups that youth is wasted on the young. Or at least he asked God why that has to be the case. But I don’t really think so. Youth, by my definition is the teenage life, is the best time to have it. You have that glow that only comes from a teenager and a rebellious attitude that will remind you how life should not be a habit and how you should not be dictated in leading your life. The best part about it is when the girls hit the zone, it blows you off how they give those blow jobs. Such is the case with Teen Mega World, so read on for the review

I’m sure you can imagine what the site is like just by its name and your predictions are surely almost exactly what it is all about. Teen Mega is a huge collection of porn videos that are of the teenage category. All the participants are at least 18 years of age, you know, for legality purposes, testifying to the very fact that it is a choice they made and you are lucky because of that resolve they have. It gathers all the niche sites together as much as it creates teen porn videos. So whatever you might be looking for in a teenage porn site ends your search here.

As of today, there are 3,300 plus episodes for you to watch and each video is good for at least 15 minutes. The categories you can choose from goes a long list, whether you’re into Russian girls, European, American blondes, brunettes, Asians or whatever nationality you want to tap into, they’re all here. Whether you’re into teen anal, gaping, masturbating, cumming, missionary-ing and then again, just about anything, just feel free to choose from the site’s categorical arrangement. There’s also a model index for your personal digital meet and greet.

So, Teen Mega World, going by it contents is not just a facade for a name. It is the very essence and the very thing you need to fill in the gaps between you and your teenage years. You know you love fresh looking girls and this is where you see them do what they do best. Enjoy!

Met Art

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There’s no point in denying. You can’t expect me to believe that you don’t want to know. Yup, that was pretty much my friend’s father way back when we were in college. He keeps asking whether his son’s still a fucking virgin or what and I find it really awesome. You know, we’re an open society after all, and it all begins with family. And that is how artists bloom and art flourishes. Today, I’m going to talk about one of the most artistic porn sites I’ve ever come across. It’s called Met Art, so read on.

If you want the hugest collection of art in the name of nudity across the globe, then your search is finally over with this being your end game. Met Art is your end game. This is where the real icons of the nude photography industry are all in, flocked together to culminate the perfect blend of art, sensuality and all that makes us human in the wildest, most loving kind of way. A couple personages to name would be Peter Dominic, Jacques Borboulon, Roy Stuart and Tony Wards! They are all together in one portal to display their finest creations and they put things all in motion for the perfect porn experience.

What can you expect from MetArt? Number one, seamless video quality. One thing that makes motion pictures always enticing is the way they are done, mastered, professionally done or however you want to put it. As of today, with the team work of the professionals behind the creation of the site, there are 1,100 plus videos to watch, each good for at least 8 minutes. All the videos are created in the most intricate process, going through quality standards by the artists. All the models are smoking hot and looking all passionate. They have the skill that comes from a sword forged through the hottest heat. It’s epic and that is what art is all about.

In addition, there are 13,000 photo galleries for you to scan through. You can download as many of the things you want and they are all a part of your subscription. If you’re planning to sign up, Met Art is probably one of the best ways to spend your $8.34 a month for. Enjoy!

ATK Premium

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When reviewing ATK Premium we have to mention that they have a pretty high opinion about what they have inside their galleries. This site is part of a collection from the ATK Company. This company only works with models and teens who are naturally gorgeous, yet to undergo boob implants and cosmetic surgeries. They pick their gals for the gentlemen who are all about class, young babes, and with extremely discerning eyes for beauty. Now that we all know this let’s look at them a bit closer!

The action that they make is a mix from solo, hardcore, masturbation, and lesbo scenes. When you are navigating inside, you quickly come across the updates. The new ones are the updates you will be able to peruse, for older once you have to do some more clicking. There is information about the latest goings on inside the update page. When you check out the picture updates, you see that they have different categories available. You can’t exactly know what is new and what is old, but at least you can surf easily. For the movies, things are arranged chronologically plus if you have any certain material you must see, you can always use the search function.

With a massive gallery inside, numbering some 4032+ movies and 8076+ picture galleries, you can understand why it is a joy to belong to this site. There is always something to keep you entertained. They have been doing their production for more than 10 years. The only way a website can ever reach such massive numbers is if they have a consistent way of adding updates. That is what these guys do. They add daily, with pictures being given a bit more importance than the videos, but still a lot of material for you to watch. What is currently being added inside the video and pic galleries is HD and high res respectively. The older material weakens in quality but not too much, since it’s all watchable stuff.

You get: download options, file formats, viewing qualities, 3 sizes for images, zip file to suit all 3 types of image sizes. You don’t feel pressured or bothered when you are inside any of ATK sites because they are professionals who offer superb services. You also do not get unfriendly designs and unimaginative material from these guys.

There is a big box of goodies that ATK Premium is offering you in the form of their great site. There are things we may have failed to mention but overall you get excellent value for your money. They mix the material and the models up but they always maintain high quality teen porn production levels. The site is getting better as they are getting older and the girls are getting sexier and eternally young! Check these guys out!

Exploited College Girls

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Exploited College Girls sounds very intriguing and nasty from the title once you apply a little imagination! Truth is that this is an amateur pornsite. The guy goes around making new discoveries of coed babes who are willing to get nasty for the camera. For many of the babes featured inside, it is easy to see how they can transcend from a life of books to a life of porn since they are so damn good at the later. The thing is that the gals are not aware of the exploitation part of the whole deal!

There is nothing too puzzling or complex about the navigation layout of this site. Even the simplistic presentation might look a bit bare to some but it serves its purpose. The site prides itself on dishing out lots of information about the exploited coeds. You will have her bio, description, and videos easily available. They also offer members news about updates that they are bringing. They have information about the site tucked away inside as well. There is a simple way that you will have access to 2 other sites connected to this one. For the design and layout features, all we can say is well done guys!

You will have no problems locating the video section inside once you are through with checking out the site. You will find the vids can be streamed and downloaded. The videos that they have added recently all come to you in nothing less than HD mode. Massively impressive we have to say! You will have full-length videos and clips so pick what you need. You will be able to grab everything that interests you when it comes to the amateur coed sex action inside. When you open up the image gallery, you see that they have nicely arranged the pic sets. They offer zip file download, but that’s about it. Maybe they will include more options in the future.

The action that the exploited coeds make is very hardcore stuff. Maybe it’s why the site is gaining a solid name for itself in the industry. They are trying to add more action and to keep the high calibre of production that they have. They are definitely giving other major networks and companies serious competition and this means more high quality porn for you! You do get access to Back Room Casting Couch and Net Video Girls to help increase the amount of porn you have. They have some 334+ videos and 312+ galleries inside.

People really don’t expect a site called Exploited College Girls to disappoint! They have hardcore reality coed amateur action that suits their name. They update and have bonus sites. They have momentum behind them and this site is a sound investment for those searching for coed reality hardcore niche!

MPL Studios

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MPL Studios does not rest any day of the week because they are bringing you new pictures and videos! They do one video update weekly while the rest are picture galleries being added daily. Known very much for their photography, the picture sets are completely professional and well produced. All the videos are accessible to only those who are full members to this site. There are other things inside the site that make it comprehensive in terms of the package deal that they give you. This is what we are going to discuss in our review so here we go!

There should be a mantra out there that says beautiful ladies deserve being photographed! Well, this site takes that mantra to heart and runs with it. A lot of the gals you will see inside are mainly beautiful teens. They are young and mainly hail from Russia or its environs. Some come from Europe and all have that “innocent you want to fuck the crap out of them” kind of look! That’s what we felt anyway! You will see blondes masturbating, brunettes, schoolgirl type of fantasies, posing, and lots of young flesh!

You will find 2 main picture categories. The glossy pics inside category #1 are super big and clear. They come in black, white, color formats. The other type are in 3 formats that range from low, mid, to high res. The superior angles and lighting techniques that they use when developing these pics are the best professional talent that you will see in the market. There are something like over 158559+ pictures inside the galleries and some 333+ videos inside the site. The videos are not very long affairs and mostly show light softcore action happening. They show the teen models enjoying, joking, and relaxing while taking the picture shoots. You will find that the site also covers interviews and behind scene material.

The movies normally come with some kind of playback musical background that compliments the seductive nature of the material. Like everything else that these guys make the quality is top notch and above normal standards. Did we mention that you could also get things like screensavers inside this site? They have 3rd party feeds and live cams. They have a lot of video formats you can choose from.

Granted, nude artsy photography featuring beautiful young teen models is not a preference that many people would go for. But those with refined taste and in search of softcore that has all these and more qualities, then MPL Studios is a site worth considering. The price is friendly and the site has a lot of high quality stuff! Check them out!

Devils Film

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Devils Film has a heavy and long reputation that it needs to uphold and protect. Maybe this is the reason why they start off immediately on their home page by boasting of all the things you are about to get slapped silly with! They say that they do gonzo, milf, gangbang, teen, tranny, and all other hardcore filthy nasty niches you have come to expect from to tier porn producers. The banners and the promises don’t stop because they have another banner that highlights their DVD porn producing prowess, along with the fact that they have 1080p HD movies/scenes inside! They are coming out strong not wanting you to forget a thing so let’s look inside ok!

They say that their galleries have 5700 scenes and 2700 picture galleries and this number is going to balloon as they add more material. It definitely looks like the webmaster (or masters) behind this site want to encourage you to join by offering meticulous site design and color and videos that are high grade, well produced. It’s definitely a good strategy and it has worked for them so far. They have the main genre categories listed inside and when you open the sub-directories you find the list of niches unravels to 100! That means no matter what your eyes need to see, or your dick needs to feel, these guys have something to make you really feel!

For the formats, we are talking about mpeg and windows media for the scenes. That doesn’t include the various options Devils Film offers for you to download whatever it is you want. Quality is high end, which means full HD movies! And even if the video files seem a bit big, you still get fast downloading speeds to ensure you have your piece of erotic debased hardcore fantasy film right there in a timely fashion! If you grab hold of the attached pictures when looking through the movies, you will see the same attention to detail and quality. You will find that some picture sets can have upwards of 100 images inside. The big play that these guys are clearly making (and not being bashful about it either) is that they are old and they have massive galleries that members can really enjoy. This stash of action can all be yours since the deal they make with you is unrestricted access all round.

Are there no blemishes when it comes to these guys? Well maybe they can do something a bit different with the model page. Not much information there but that is just us being too picky and particular. If you look at the site from a comprehensive point of observation, all you see in this land of hardcore pleasure is how much fun you can have inside this site! You get 66 bonus sites inside with one membership! What? Wow! You can have everything your have been dreaming about when it comes to hardcore porn action when you join these guys and that is not a false statement!

Devils Film quality is what made us first look at them and it is what has made us stay all these years! They are so busy with making high-end productions, babes, stars, constantly refreshing their hardcore niches and HD movies inside. They are the twisted pleasure that you will not want to give up anytime soon! Check them out!

Nuru Massage

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Nuru Massage cleaver themed material is something that we have been dying to talk about for some time now. You see, this site realized that they could take amazing sexy gals, give them oil, tell them to rub the customer with oily massages that always lead to copious amounts of sex! The happy endings that the lucky customer gets is considered part and parcel of the whole Nuru experience. It’s something we wanted to experience in real life, but since we couldn’t, this site is going to give us a taste of everything that happened during these unique massages. Let’s get to it then!

The customer receiving the rubdown is not the only one who gets to have “cummy happy endings!” Sometimes, the gals offering the backrubs and massages also get to cum, and the viewer (of course) also gets to cum, so really, this site is great for all who crave to cum! The site now has made 240+ episode additions to the galleries and they continue to grow! The massage session that happens inside feature amazingly talented Asian gals. The site has branched and now also works with other kinds of models but they still prefer the oily Asian gal specialist who can really rub the cream out of any man, literally! The episodes normally have descriptions and information.

Different video format isn’t something that you will miss inside this site when it comes to the videos. The site also likes the 1080p HD quality videos, that’s why they have added so many in the galleries. You get 3 options for flash streaming the videos; the pictures are colorful, glistening with oily body parts, boobs, asses, and hardcore sex! You will find over 222 gals inside listed in alphabetical order inside the model index. Not much information about the models though! The keyword search feature is good for finding specific body rubbing hardcore sex action, or for finding specific models.

Members to this site are entitled to some 3-bonus sites. This means that you will have more porn. The material on these bonus 3 sites is produced by the same company. Therefore, the level of production quality you will see here is the same throughout! The site could improve on some things. They could offer more HD file formats rather than the one mp4 file formats available now. They should also add some information about the models. It will make members more happy. Apart from these minor considerations, we cannot, in good conscious, say that this site is a disappointment! They aren’t, they are one of the better massage themed hardcore sites we have come across!

Thus Nuru Massage still remains one of our favorites when it comes to the hardcore massage niche! They have continued to grow, always adding more, constantly morphing for the better. The professionalism they exhibit, plus the material they produce, are both reasons why we definitely think you should check them out!

18 Only Girls

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18 Only Girls has evolved over the years to lead in the highly competitive world of teen niche porn. Like you can see from the site’s name, the action that you are about to see is made up entirely of 18 year old gals, who are stunning! What will take your breath away is the hardcore nature of these gals, and how they can perform so well in just about every porn genre you can think of. The site itself is made up of some 380 plus models, some 1400+ pic galleries and well over 1100 movies. They do make other pledges when you check out the tour page, which include updates, cams, bonus site access, and so on.

The types of gals that you will see taking part in hardcore porn productions all look very naturally beautiful. They resemble the kind of gals you will see around your neighborhood. Some have that model like look, but a large percentage have god-given beauty that is bewitching! The kind of action that they enjoy taking part in includes anal, gal-gal, solo, lots of outdoor action, and sex scenes. They have no problems whatsoever doing hardcore. They even have no problems doing some fetishes but nothing too extreme!

Visually, the videos and pics inside this site are remarkably well produced. They are up to the 720p HD resolution currently. The color intensity of the pictures, not to mention the composition, the background, and the gals, are all combined expertly to create very electric picture galleries. The 1500 pixel pictures are standard ones, and we hope they continue going up in terms of resolution so that they become even more clear and crisp. When you download the pictures, you get to realize that they can reach 4000-pixel quality resolution, which is high res! The professional approach they took towards designing their site is working wonders for them. It is what users demand nowadays, navigation and design that is functional more than flashy and very annoying to navigate! Things that you find easily include tags, model index, linked material, keywords and search functions/ tools.

You can sample all the updates all at once thanks to the tools available inside plus you will locate the bonus material easily. They have all the other little things you will need including zip file, mp4 and wmv formats, multiple sets with different sites, flash player for streaming, fast connection and server speeds, live cams, shows, and even a forum. These things integrate into the site seamlessly so nothing sticks out and disrupts your viewing pleasure. You will give the 18-year-old sexual smuts inside all your attention (or erection) so as to satisfy your longings!

So, 18 Only Girls may not be perfect, they may have some quirks they need to resolve here and there! But, they are a strong teen site that has cute babes, hardcore porn, and professional services. They are reliable, consistent, and a solid investment. Watching these gals do their thing is erotically entertaining and if that is what you want, this is the hardcore teen porn niche site you should consider joining. Check them out!

Sweetheart Video

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Are you tired of looking for good, authentic lesbian porn sites which offer unadulterated content? Imagine, busty women licking each other’s nipples, and inserting their fingers in each other’s clits, moaning in dire pleasure. Sounds interesting, right? Welcome to the Sweetheart Video Network, which is not limited to romance between the same sexes, but is way more than that. If you want a good review of the website, then read on for some more juicy details.

The website’s background:

Ideally, the website’s content is extremely well connected to the nuances of the Internet. If you truly wish for good DVD content, then you will be pleased to know that all the videos have already appeared on the net. However, this does not mean that the content is not fresh. None of the models shy away from giving their partners pleasure, and that too in unimaginable ways possible. For this very reason, the website is raking in a strong fan following from the viewers.

Another promising part about all the content is the fact that you get gay on gay action. Usually, movie studios cast women who are required to give pleasure to other women, for a sum of money. However, with Sweetheart Video, the story is a bit different. Over here, you will get to see women who truly worship pussy and will not think twice before going down on other women. In other words, all the videos and pics in the galleries star women who are actually lesbians.

With your membership, you get access to 531 movies, each of which is going to simply blow your mind away. The content is sizzling hot, and the models, wah wah whooom! You can choose to stream the videos on the website or simply be content with downloading the videos in MP4 and Windows Player formats. Thankfully, majority of the pics and movies are in HD format. It’s best to add movies into the favorites section, so that you save time when you log in the next time. No need to keep looking for the same movies over and over again. If movies don’t do the thing for you, you can even check out the 953 photo galleries which are yet another pleasing factor of the website. The more the merrier, I say.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the website and drink in the sights of the beauties who will do anything to please their partners.


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Babes, babes everywhere, not a hole to fuck! Well, this is no longer true, considering the wide variety of content available on the exclusive site, Babes.com. As the name suggests, these babes are hot, happening and extremely sexylicious.

What do you get with your membership?

  • Tons of hardcore stuff, only for your personal viewing
  • Glamcore content, as the other members like to believe. This includes content which is not only glamorous but is super duper hardcore.
  • Mind blowing content display, along with high definition videos and pics, so that you know you are getting an amazing deal on everything.
  • Different locations so that you never have to suffer the ordeal of seeing the same sofa and same bed every time you watch a movie.
  • The tour video has excerpts from the main website, so that you can make up your mind well before shelling out the dough for the membership.

What is it that catches your attention when you see a good adult movie? Babes licking their boobs, giving blowjobs, fingering themselves as well as their partners, hardcore fucking, bare backing along with the works? Well, if you’re already drooling at the thought of all this, then you have come to the right place. The Babes Network is all about making every avid porn viewer’s dream come true, overnight. The content has been placed into different categories, so that there is something for everyone to view and enjoy. The idea is to keep the viewers pleased at all times.

There are close to 585 picture galleries as well as 582 videos, all promising you unseen, fresh content every time you login to the members’ area. Thankfully, the website network offers the option to download the galleries in the form of zipped files. The videos can be downloaded in different formats which include but are not limited to MP4, and other HD formats. You can even save your favorites and watch them later on, in case your dick wants a new shagging session.

Enjoy the beauties as they go about prancing in their birthday suits. The content is updated on a regular basis so that there is always fresh content for you to view. Everything spells outstanding when one visits the website. After all, being a mega website has its own advantages, right? Check out the private tour of the website today to see what the babes.com discount network has in store for you today.


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In the days of being in their presence we bloomed. We’re like vines receiving ideal amounts of exposure and water, displaying promising signs of reaching the maximum height of who-the-hell-cares-but-probably-seventy-feet. Our ideas together with theirs expanded even more; stem-cutting in the spring, layering in the summer, to overtake the entire stone wall. And only their words like “It has been great”, or the unexplained descend of friendship would give an effect like that of a 100-day drought. And then we just raise our heads and look at the sky — all to say we are the pros of this planet. In line with that would be our review for PornPros for today.

The next time we receive a call from them –it will leave us breathless and startled, and for the whole day it will continue unabated. Unmistakably their voices, but our ears convince us that what was once sugary and crackly is now porridge and grueled –leaving us not wanting to listen. You will see that the whole time-frame of the call will be a fervid exchange of “give me your email” and “let’s plan a reunion” –some paper-doll pleasantness that will do so little to cover the fact that we will never see each other again and would rarely speak. Porn Pros will make you write this letter to other bad habits in life and start a new good one.

With the PornPros discount offer as a full-fledged porn site, here are the following sites that you’d be drooling to watch:

  • Pimp Parade
  • Deep Throat Love
  • Cock Competition
  • 40 z Bounce
  • Freaks Of Cock
  • Real Ex-Girlfriends
  • Milf Humiliation
  • Disgraced 18
  • Cumshot Surprise
  • Massage Creep
  • Squirt Disgrace
  • Freaks Of Boobs
  • Pimp Parade

Apart from these there are so much more for you to watch because through PornPros, the nudist approach is just refined and one of a kind. This is one of the bests I’ve come by far considering its range of 10-dollar subscription.  


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There will come a point in life where we meet people we can discuss our feelings with, learn to watercolor fruits with, or enjoy discussing about books with. The only people we voluntarily give permission to enter our Narnia-kind of comfort zone. The kind who make you want to listen to hours of useless information about themselves, and whom we happily listen to with their use of the words “outre” and “preponderance” like an Ivy erudite. All these simple things put us into a comparatively well-adjusted phase in life.

Not as manic as the first phase, and not as suicidal as the second. Then again, there will always come a point when we need help from an expert — more like a hustler. Perhaps the nudist effects of Hustler would be the most appropriate answer to this implication of depression.

Hustler is actually a porn site that is based on several magazines that are known for their explicitly content. So if you are familiar with Playboy TV, then this shouldn’t come off to be a surprise to you. Instead, it should be one of the biggest delights you’d be getting after all the times that have passed. As a magazine based site, you will notice that all the motels are not just hot and gorgeous, they are actually with class and curves. You’ll never be able to really expect what’s to come after. All the company wants is to bring you into a baffled state through its magical pornographic prowess.

The hustler discount is not only magical, but it is a magnificent collection of the hottest porn videos on the planet, which is a sentiment known by many. There are over 1900 scenes that have become available for viewing so long as you are a member. They now also have the lounge for the members the blabber, chatter and plan a fuck-her session every once in a while. It’s really become a spontaneous site now. For it’s $9.95 price tag, it’s totally worth it.

Team Skeet

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The Team Skeet network with 19 sites inside has hardcore niches, babes, sex, and all other ingredients that porn fans love. The models featured inside are the top pickings when it comes to the adult industry entertainment. The network has things we love, and then things we love even more, so let’s look at them in detail.

The kind of gals these guys like are the young teens between 18 and 19. So this means lots of young sexuality on display. They have been at it for some time and have developed a sort of expertise when it comes to this kind of niche material. With this dedication, they have managed to score some nice numbers, 1597+ videos, and 1571+ picture galleries.

Inside one Team Skeet site, you will come face to face with innocent teens, dressed in schoolgirl outfits and engaged in not so innocent behavior. In fact these gals go all hardcore-style on the dicks they are presented. Inside another site are wild coed gals doing things that will make all cocks tingle with pleasure. The gals inside are so sexy and cute you will have toothache from all that sugar!

In site number three, you will find big butts, bubble butts, sexy butts. In other words, there are different scenes, fantasies, gals, background, and hardcore niches inside this network. The dudes (lucky bastards) get to be sucked, made to cum by some of the sexiest teens on this planet.

Apart from all your favorite hardcore niches floating around inside this site, you will also have other things. One, you will have 30 minute films that are very engaging. Two, you will find that they have lots of HD material inside. Three, you will be busy downloading and streaming the action since you are given formats like flv, mov, mpeg, windows media, and mp4.

The picture gallery is spectacular! No complaints here! They just show you these sexy vixens in various well-done professional photos. It’s a simple tactic but it definitely works for us.  Inside you may come across more than 600 models. The navigation is smooth as glass. The model index is easy to find and use. You will have all the tools and menus you possibly need to find material.

Our final word on the subject of Team Skeet and whether you should join them is this…hell yes! You will have lots of material, sexy models, hardcore, and everything looks bloody good from where we are standing. Give them a try!

Wow Girls

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Wow Girls handpicks who they bring to you inside their site. They also offer you new additions every day. The gals are crazy-beautiful and you have the chance to join this site today, but before you do, let’s look at it more closely!

In the few minutes it will take for you to peruse through the tour page, you will discover that these guys have amazing gals. You will feel your arousal creeping up your legs! The site says that they want to direct how the future of porn will turn out. Bold claims but they do have some bold material!

Anyone who looks at 18 to 23 year old babes and gets a stiffy will love the gals inside this site. The gals are from European countries and have that slender body type that is so sexy. The beauty is evident throughout the site since you will find all the gals look amazing and downright stunning.

In this land where only beauty exists, you will find explicit material that will please you in very many ways. First, you will appreciate the production quality of this site. Since the models are so good-looking, they deserve to be cast in movies and pics that have an equally high quality feel to them, right? Anyway, that is what happens inside this site.

The scenes are lit, focused, with many high quality close-ups. There is sensuality in the production style. Even when you are looking at hardcore niches and anal scenes, there is still that touch of elegance. The site has 1080p HD movies. You will be able to find the windows media and mp4 HD files easily. You can download the action or use the flv player and stream the movies.

The Wow Girls scenes cover anal, hardcore, stripping, lesbian, solo, cum shots, and various other genres. Everything inside is always layered with the beauty of the gals and a very good production quality. Erotic is the word we are looking for…erotic times ten!

You will find high res images. You will find ZIP file. You will find artistic quality inside the picture galleries that will have you screaming WOW all the time! They have big galleries with over 420 pic galleries and over 340 films. Like we said, they update daily! Members will have no navigational issues to consider. The member’s area has all the tools you need. There are filters that arrange the material. You will browse with ease and have a super good time inside.

To conclude, what Wow Girls is doing is raising the stakes in the industry. They are making material that is more beautiful and offering very amazing young babes. They have high standards and are a great place for those looking for the best quality 18-23 porn niche, check them out!

GF Revenge

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What is it about guys wanting to get their own back by sharing their home movies after the end of a relationship? That is the theme that GF Revenge is going on and you know something? I actually do not care if it is not all real because the fucking is full on hardcore and that alone makes it interesting for me.

Of course, when you are dealing with this type of action you need the scenes to be quite amateurish and they have certainly delivered on that. The angles are not the best, the lighting is quite bad at times, and the camera is shaky, but it all helps play a part in producing a site that is actually a lot of fun.

The GF Revenge chicks that appear in this site are certainly game for anything and that is why there are a broad mix of scenes in the members section. I am talking about hardcore boy/girl fucking as well as lesbian scenes, hardcore anal, group fucking, and so much more to keep you entertained. I bet you are wishing you had a girlfriend like these chicks because would you ever want to break up with her?

Right now the site has over 300 scenes available, but there are new ones being added on a regular basis, so there is a good chance that you will be able to find scenes that you are drawn to and enjoy. They are also very easy to find as the site is very well constructed, so navigating around is also not a problem. This in itself is a real blessing as you want to find what you want immediately and on this score this site does indeed deliver.

GF Revenge is just one of a number of websites that offer this kind of content, but in my opinion these guys are probably the best. All I can recommend is for you to view the samples and see if they float your boat, but I am very confident that they will.

Passion HD

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Porn in HD is common now, but when you have a site calling itself Passion HD, then you cannot help but wonder what is in store for you should you become a member. Well, there is some good news because I have taken it upon myself to check it out on your behalf and how nice of me is it to do this?

The first thing that strikes you with this website is the sheer quality of the porn. I am talking about how hot the scenes are as well as how good the quality of the actual production, so I can immediately see why they are proud of the HD tag. They state that they have the best quality equipment in the industry and after spending time looking at what they produce I can believe that.

The actual sex is also out of this world and there is no doubt that they have got the passion part spot on. There is no sense of it being full on in your face sex, but instead things are more erotic and sensual than porn you see elsewhere and I for one love that about this site as it makes a nice change. It does of course help when the porn stars are gorgeous with amazing bodies and you are going to recognize a number of them and it is always a pleasure to see them naked and fucking once more.

Passion HD offers you not only boy/girl scenes, but also girl/girl as well as some group fucking, so there is a very nice mixture. The site is also currently building its content, so as of now you are looking at just over 400 scenes with an equal number of photo sets, but each set does have 200 pics, so you are not exactly being short changed here in my opinion.

So is Passion HD worth joining and does it live up to the hype it has created about itself? The short answer is yes to both questions as this site is mind blowing in every conceivable way and I am delighted that I took it upon myself to review it on your behalf. All I can say to you is to go and check it out for yourself and you will understand why I loved it.

Dare Dorm

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Dare Dorm is giving excited coeds and frat dudes the chance to be famous. The young learners are so energetic and have found a very entertaining way to express all this energy.

They do various sexual games and then upload their submissions to this site. The site judges which is the most entertaining and the winner receives notoriety and fifteen minutes of fame under the blazing lights of the porn empire! The performers inside clearly have a libido that will not fade out easily and this site lets them perform to their hearts content.

The material inside this site is user submitted. This means that the performers do their own recording and present their action to the site. The material inside this site comes from campuses from all over the country.

The Dare Dorm action, of course, involves lots of coeds since that is such a great motivator for sexual adventure, fun, and cum-games! There are blowjobs being given, costume sex, sex games, and lots of nudity happening everywhere you look inside this site. The craziness is always so entertaining to watch and you will have 103+ films to keep you busy with coeds sex.

The gals are all so very agile and ready for all sorts of sexual gymnastics that will leave you wishing you were young and free just like them. You will see very petite gals alongside very voluptuous curves and big tits. You will find so many beautiful babes that you will want to enroll at the campus they go to!

You are going to find something that excites you inside the galleries. The site throws in MUFFIA porn scenes as a bonus to your membership deal. This site doesn’t have real picture galleries just screen caps.

They do one update every 2 weeks, which is a bit too long to wait and has lead to their low number of films. This site also doesn’t do download so sorry for those who wanted the coeds porn action to reside in their computers forever, all you can do is stream!

There are some potholes that the site definitely needs to cover up so that they can be super good coed pornsite. They also need to have more material on offer. But if all these issues don’t deter you from the coed sex that you want to see, then please, do join Dare Dorm and have your pond of fleshy pleasure!

X Art

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X Art is doing something that many have tried and miserably failed. What they want to accomplish is to bring quality and romance into the porn industry.

Others who have done this have ended up with material that is not erotic. Others have just been laughed out of existence. These guys however seem to have the winning formula. The material they make is exclusive. They have beautiful photos full of romantic and erotica themes. They have many stars and new faces in their model inventory so the variety is there.

They focus on beauty charm and grace. The material they produce is High Definition films and High Res images. Let’s look at them more deeply and see if they can make you cum with the material and art that they are presenting! It really does take some huge balls to pull of hardcore erotica that is graceful and artsy. The brand of material that this site is bringing is labeled beautiful-erotica and that is what you can expect.

You will not be laughing when you look at the material that they offer and no one can ridicule these guys because they are very good at making High Quality erotica action. They aren’t even so highly priced when you look at their membership fee.

The models inside are bewildering sexy and you get to review them in detail and great pixel resolution. And the dose of erotica that the gals take part in will have you swearing and panting beneath your keyboard as you click away and watch the material. There are gals from America, Europe, and other known amateur ladies that make up a nice-looking roaster of beautiful babes.

The X Art site has some explicit scenes. What they do is that they draw from both softcore and hardcore genres and create their own brand of glam-core material. The aim is to arouse and they do so by relying on quality, art, and creativity rather than the bang-bang hardcore you commonly see on other sites.

You can definitely call their brand of porn very refined stuff. The 1080pxl and 720pxl videos plus the 4000pxl images are giving members clarity that is completely fabulous.

The sensuality is multiplied tenfold when the color and images are so vivid that you see them as almost being real-life-like. You will see all those parts that make the female body such a hot thing to watch and you will have 410+ films and 518+ images from the site. They have multiple weekly update schedule, so this number is continually changing thus higher content count.

The basic navigation features of the site, although very functional, could definitely use an upgrade. There are sections inside including lesbian, updates, solo girls, and so on, all so that you can be able to find what you desire.

X Art really impressed us. It was definitely not what we were expecting. They exceeded our expectation from the layout, navigation, site features, material, and models. If you want marvelous quality erotica action, we recommend you give these guys a try!


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21Sextury is a merchant of hardcore porn material. This network boasts of some 21 sites inside, and then they go on and give you 20 bonus ones just for the hell of it! 

This means so much material for a really surprising low membership fee. If this is not a deal you need to snatch up now, then we don’t know what is! So, before we abandon you and go get our membership right this minute, let’s talk about this network for a little bit! The homepage is designed with you in mind. This means that it’s easy to use. You can go to sections like models, categories, bonus sites, and scenes by clicking on the links at the top of the homepage.

If you want to see the updates, there is a links that takes you to the newest material. And below that link, there is the models link, hottest scenes link, and so on and so forth! And when they say they deliver hardcore, they are not kidding! Deep throats, teens, anal, milfs, ass, big boobs, facials, blowjobs, gaping, lesbian, double penetration, babes, pornstars, and a whole range of niches are all adequately represented inside this site. 

There is uniformity of sites inside this network. If you can maneuver through one, you can maneuver through all of them! You can peruse each site or choose to look at scenes network wide. If you choose the latter option, you will also receive scenes from the bonus sites.

The 21Sextury network pumps out 8691+ videos! The videos are yours for the taking since you can stream or download them all. A lot of the videos are high definition; you get mp4 formats and mobile formats. The 8362+ picture sets will fill your screen with hot sex positions and wonderful babes. 

The high res images are shot with great lighting and angles, so download them using the ZIP file. We give these guys top marks for the user-friendly nature of their network. You get rating and commenting power, as well as adding favorites.

There are filters for you to use so that you can find specific quality hardcore porn inside. The model index filled with the different sexy babes is excellent. You get to fill in your preferences (age, boobs size, ass, hair color, etc) and receive results matching what you want. The model index allows for rating of the models. Click on the model you desire and watch all her material pop up on your screen. Simple, fast and efficient!

The bonus action from the bonus sites is quality hardcore and fetish porn. You will find so many different niches inside that you are definitely going to satisfy your carnal cravings. As if all this material was not enough, the network pumps out daily updates, 2 or 3 updates sometimes during one day! 

Hardcore niches are many and if you want all of them (or most of them) plus high quality production, this network is a strong contender you need to consider. The 21Sextury discount impressed us mightily and it will also impress you, so hurry up and join!

Playboy Plus

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PlayBoy Plus is affiliated to the mighty PlayBoy Company. This company has been in the adult entertainment industry for as long as we can remember. They have been trendsetters when it comes to sensuality and quality adult themed material for years now.

The company has various porn sites and the one we are looking at today is just a small part of the collective whole! This site has a welcoming design. It also has material drawn from different PlayBoy branches. 

When you buy your membership and sign in, you will be able to see the updates. The links placed at the top are for going to different places inside the site. There are links that show you the hot PlayBoy material.

There are other links that transport you to additional material section. Word of caution though, you will be asked to part with more cash to get access to this additional material. Once inside, you are given various options for sorting the action. 

The search tool makes looking for the videos and pictures a simple process. The models inside are beautiful and you can search for anyone you want easily. The search features also allow you to look for models according to physical traits, which is wonderful!

One thing you will never lack inside this site is material. These guys have 6068+ videos in downloadable mp4 formats. The most clear and high quality of these videos is in high definition formats. Is there a flash player for streaming? Oh yes there is. Slide down to the picture gallery and be amazed with the 6000+ picture sets inside. Are the pictures PlayBoy quality? Yes they definitely are! High res and magnificently produced sets of photos can be yours using the ZIP file download feature.

PlayBoy doesn’t have a big reputation for being hardcore porn producers, but they do have a big reputation for their sexy magazine-like quality! They are known for bringing babes with curvy bodies in teasing and softcore scenes. They also do gal-on-gal actions very nicely. 

Seduction is what you will find inside Playboy Plus when you check out the material. The variety of the models is wonderful and they also bring Hollywood celebs doing sexy poses. They have a massive archive spanning from the 70s up to now!

RECOMMENDATIONS? Who in their sane right minds would ever think that joining PlayBoy Plus is a waste of time? No one, that’s who! With more action thanks to the daily updates, this site is true value for your money!

College Rules

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College Rules is a place where no parent should ever have to visit if they have college student as their kids. The site says that the material being looked at comes from user submissions. The reason why the users do this is so that they can get huge prizes.

The tour page tells us all we needed to know and now let’s look at the university sex happening inside this site. The biggest and most delightful part of this site is the material that they have. You will loose track of time looking at the frat boys and coeds abusing each other in all sorts of sexual ways. 

The videos have a certain vibe about them that makes them appear as if they are authentic videos. The scenarios that they create are not bad at all. The material is of course very amateurish. The coeds singing, having fun, and sexing is thrilling and pleasing to the point of you simply exploding!

The number of parties happening inside is huge. They also have another thing in common (that is all these sex college parties) They are hot, hot, hot! People will sometimes go to unbelievable lengths when it comes to these parties. The fact that the college students do not seem to be inhabited by the same things that limit people like us means you receive sex scenes that will just make you go wow!

The site keeps claiming that all their material is 100 percent exclusive. Now this is not a claim we can prove beyond doubt, but we have never seen college sex scenes like the ones inside this site! The videos can go on for more than forty minutes so they are good length stuff. 

Streaming is the only option you get here. The picture sets can have over 300 pictures in each so that is something else to look forward to. The site might not have thousands of movies and pictures; in fact, they have a rather small gallery collection. This is one con we discovered. The streaming options you receive are decent enough and there is one that reaches 720pxl. The images are high res ones.

There are definitely some major changes that this site has to do. They have to offer more coed college porn sex parties material for members. They have to offer more options and try to give download options. If College Rules improves on these areas, there is no limit to what they can do and how many people they can attract! If you still want coed porn action, go ahead and join them.

Wicked Pictures

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Wicked Pictures has awards on their shelf because they are simply so good at what they do. They have amazing porn stars and the films they produce could win the porn Oscars very easily!

Where did we learn all this information? Well, we first looked at the tour page. Here we saw the amazing models. We saw the previews of their award winning material. 

We fiddled with our desires as the site promised to make us cum with abandon. We also saw a glimpse of the feature rich navigation and the chic site design. On the tour page, they promise more updates, HD videos, live cams, and lots of more “WP kind of porn”. Now, we were really anxious and wanted to know everything about this site.

When you become a member, you are first taken to a page that has lots of updates. These updates could be easily sorted according to date, most watched, and other criteria. The menu at the top will take you to all the other places. 

The options you get from this menu include movies, girls, bonus videos, discounts, wicked live, scenes, movies, and so on. This straightforward way of doing business is really efficient and that is what all great porn sites have (so that means this is a great site!) Clutter is unsexy!

Wicked Pictures currently has over 900 models and porn stars in their roaster. This is a long list of luscious babes and sexy mamas. Big and small names in the industry make an appearance on this list. When your eyes are finally done with the model list (which will be a hard place to leave), it is time for the main event…the content! 

Your high expectations will be adequately addressed since this porn company is magnificent at making hardcore porn. The movies inside cover all the basic hardcore niches and some more not so basic ones. These guys have gone ahead and made material like sci-fi porn! Now that is creativity right there! The comedic and entertaining titles of the movies just hint at the pleasures you will have inside. The long movies or DVDs can have you pumping jizz for the better part of an hour. The site has 663+ DVD on offer. 

You can have all that they offer using the download or streaming options. There is high definition quality and various playback formats. The movies come with description and info. They also have comments and ratings.

You will find that they have 3780+ picture galleries. The ZIP file for downloading them, the easy navigation of the gallery, the thumbnails, and the general demeanor of the high res images will have you horny in a matter of seconds! Behind scene additional material and other videos act as your bonus for joining these guys. 

This site has so much happening and going on you cannot afford to snooze even for a second. They have been at the top of the pile several times. They have the hardcore you like and you should think about joining Wicked Pictures.


Cheers, Its A New Twistys Discount


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Twistys is the kind of porn site that you can feel quite content checking out with your partner. Sure there is hardcore fucking on there, but it is not too in your face and there is certainly a touch more erotica and sensuality surrounding the scenes. Does this all sound rather good? Well that is because it is actually better than good.

Legends Of Porn And It Is Packed Full.

This company is right up there as being one of the legends of the industry and this can really be seen in the quality of the content. OH yeah, it is also full of things for you to watch with closing in on 7000 movies, over 1.7 million photographs, and even over 4000 different models to choose from. I told you it was packed full!

The Best Girls In The Best Scenes.

The way that the content is created makes you forget that you are watching hardcore porn, well until the fucking starts, and there is no doubt in my mind that the porn on here does feature the best girls in the best scenes. They actually started out with focusing more on softcore back in the early days, but now you get threesomes and boy/girl fucking and the site is better for it.

Getting Around Made Easy.

When you have as much porn available on the one site as this, then obviously you need to have a great navigation system. Twistys have worked hard on producing a great search facility which is easy to use and shows you exact results in seconds. It is so simple to use that the mere fact you got to the site in the first place shows you have the technical knowledge to work it.

When you have so much going for you with a porn deal such as the twistys discount on such an amazing site, you do have to question why you would ever go anywhere else for your porn needs. This is wonderful stuff and everything they produce is done so to the highest possible quality. The only problem you may encounter is not having enough space for their content because you will want to keep it all forever.

Playboy TV

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Probably most of the guys in the US have been fans of Playboy at some point in their lives. Can you really blame us though when there are so many gorgeous women in their magazines? This does also then lead to us asking the question as to what this latest venture by Hefner is like, because is Playboy TV worthy of the name?

It Is Just Like An Online Magazine, But Hardcore.

The first thing that did stand out for me with this site is that they have certainly done away with the concept of Playboy just being about glossy porn. Instead, they have gone down the hardcore porn route and boy are they just as good at that as they are with the glamour shots. I am talking about seeing gorgeous women fucking and sucking as if their lives depended on it and to be honest, I forgot I was looking at Playboy.

Smoking Hot Girls Just As You Would Expect.

The girls that are on Playboy TV are certainly of Playboy standard and you do get a really cool mixture of different looks. They do seem to like the girl next door look, but you also get some pretty obvious glamour girls thrown in as well, but of course the main thing is that they all fuck for us. They are hot, they are sexy, and most importantly they are also horny.

A Huge Back Catalog To Check Out.

So Playboy has been around for some time, but of course their hardcore department is certainly a lot younger. The good news is that they have been hard at work because the amount of content that you get on here is pretty impressive. I am talking about you getting access to over 1500 full movies, so surely that is going to be enough to stop you from getting bored?

You Will Never View Playboy In The Same Way Again.

If you do the sensible thing and join Playboy TV, then I promise you that your idea on what this company is like will change forever. Gone are the days of some nudge nudge wink wink nudity and say hello to hardcore porn Playboy style.

Naughty America

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If you’re going to ask me, I’d say there are tons of porn sites in this modern era. But if you’re going to ask me if they’re all of real value, my answer would be a straight no. The problem about the world today is that it is perverted in a way that does not show any standards whatsoever. Truth of the matter is that anything dirty can be justified so long as it is backed by a set of principles. To give you more clarity on that, I’m going to talk to you about Naughty America and the exuding beauty of it. 

Naughty America is something that is quite impossible for you to not have ever heard of. And if that is the case being, that means you are either quite the saint or a fag. No, I’m just kidding. That only means you’ve been busy dealing with more important stuff in life. Anyways, NaughtyAmerica.com is among the most prominent porn sites of America. It is simply a clear depiction of how American do sex relating to their passion and frequency in doing such. There are also videos that talk about affairs between other people and even within the family, you know, incest! All these make the site more interesting for America and its culture are always interesting to know about. 

America is filled with liberalized people and that alone constitutes to the amount of people engaged in the adult industry. Since America never runs out of talents, Naughty America continues to grow by the day. Nevertheless, to date, it has about 6,000 plus videos and over 3,000 photo galleries. The interesting part about the site is that everything has been categorized for the viewer’s convenience.

You can simply filter your searches and get only the exact kind of porn videos you want on a daily basis. Plus, you are entitled to download as much you want for as long as you are subscribed for only 14.95 dollars a month. So, enjoy!

Evil Angel

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So today, I just started reading Neil Gaiman’s new book entitled Good Omens. But to give due credit, it’s actually co-written with Terry Pratchett who is also a master of the written craft. So basically, it’s Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. And I love the cover with its title text being embossed gold. Anyway, the point being is that the book, as far as my reading on it goes, is all about angels and demons. And reading the book alone reminds me of a website that I constantly turn to every time I feel horny. It’s a website that always reminds me the beauty of occult simply because of its name rather than the content. It’s none other than what we all know as Evil Angel. 

Evil Angel is a porn site that once you have seen it, you can never forget about it. How is that so? The videos are crafted to a point of perfection.

Perhaps a signature mark is left in every video that will really keep you wanting more, just as great movies leave cliffhangers for people to reel in longing for another episode or another installment that may or may not come. But in the end, what matters is the mere fact that the show has gone on and it affected you in the deepest of ways. That’s the level of profundity this porn site holds compared to other craploaded hubs out there, which do not deserve any real value in today’s adult industry. 

Behind the creation of Evil Angel is a set of goals, one of which would be the assurance that every viewer will not fall short of porn videos, that they will get as much as they want and that they will get exactly what they want or even more to a point of pure satisfaction. With that in mind, it has a database of over 1,600 high quality and high definition videos with each video running from over 10 to 30 minutes each.

Another thing worth noting would be the photo galleries that comes with the package. The subscription by the way is only 19.95 dollars a month. Truly affordable. Something you can’t miss!


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Are you familiar with the whole Bang Bus gig? Well, who would ever forget the legendariness of that site. The creators were really creative in setting out their porn gig in comparison to the mediocre society of voyeuristic site creators out there. They were rather spontaneous in creating their pieces and doing their art. For many times, the whole thing was like impromptu, they just drive and see if they find some random girl down the road.

They try to pick her up with their good looks and she comes in and she smiles and it obvious she wants sex. So she gets to have sex with the guy at the back seat and it’s all recorded in the most vivid manner. The whole thing was such a lovely experience. And if you’re wondering where they all were for the past year, you’re seeing them back now with a different name and a better gig. It’s called the BangBros. 

The Bangbros Premise

Basically, they have just sought to continue the legacy they once left. But this time, in a much grander scale. There’s still the bus and there’s still the whole crew. But this time, they take it to the streets. They go get some girls and dare them to have sex by the alley. And so they do, and it’s so lovely to see how spontaneous everything goes. And it’s funny enough to think that nobody even notices. But that’s just one angle of the whole remastered piece. If you check out the site, it gets even better.

It’s a lovely piece for you bro. You get to access over 14 niche sites all conglomerating to a massive 6874 of the best porn videos in the world, half of it being the original creation of the old site. There are also photo sets that you can enjoy watching the best photos from. All these you get only for a very cheap price with the bangbros discount of ten dollars for every month. Also, each video runs at 30 minutes. You’re definitely not gonna run short of porn action. Enjoy!

DDF Network

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Whenever you plant an idea inside your head, it never goes away. You might be able to control it, hide it, and keep it inactive from time to time. But sooner or later, it will always come knocking at you, out of your mouth, out of your head. It will control you. As proof, porn. When you start to love porn, you can’t unlove it. Instead of frustrating much about the things you can’t change, might as well move on and make something out of it. Perhaps choose wise for it. Choose only the best for your own benefit, just like the DDF Network. 

Someone once told me that lust is a sin and that the Bible makes it clear, cut and dry that it’s the truth. I believe that it’s not the whole truth of it, for anything can be good or bad. It depends on how you take it and how you make yourself with it. With DDF Network, I make myself happier than ever. Just imagine being able to enjoy the different angles of porn done in the most artistic manner.

Sexy may be ascribed to lust, but that’s not the entire truth of it. Sex is procreation and it is the way we grow the world with people. Sex is art and feeling one another. DDFNetwork is a diverse site that lets you indulge into the different lenses of sex. 

As I mentioned earlier, it’s not just a website. It’s a niche site with over 13 wonderful niches of porn. With all that, subscribers are able to gain access to over 11,000 of the best videos in the industry, both self-made by the company and others from the affiliate names of the network. For passionate viewers, there are also photo sets, each containing over 120 high quality pictures each, summing up to a massive 1,000,000 photos. You literally won’t run out of entertainment in this, especially with the videos being of high quality and high definition sets. And it’s all only for 29.95 dollars a month. Get the most of your every dime with the DDF Network. 


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The makers of Brazzers continue to add high definition content to the site on a daily basis. There are 5882 galleries here and they can be downloaded on a Zip file for later viewing. There are 200 pictures in each set and they are all in high resolution. You got some screen captures here which means you are going to get a close up shot of a pussy or two. There are 5882 scenes here and they can be downloaded on an MP4 player, WMV and MPEG as well. Each video has a length of about 30 minutes which is enough time to take a long look at your hard cock and jack it until it gets satisfied.

It is expected that you are going to cum multiple times due to the fact that the girls here are incredibly hot. They have a porn stars section here where all of the guys and girls that appeared in the movies here are listed down. If you liked a chick’s performance then go to her here and get all of her other scenes where she performed as well. 

If all those scenes are not enough to satisfy your porn cravings then you are going to get access to 5000 DVDs in the bonus section. How wonderful is that! There is even a Community section here where you get the chance to interact with the other members of Brazzers. They give you a chance to meet other porn fans and you can share some stories with them.

It is a great way to meet new people so make a profile and upload your photo. It is like their own version of Facebook. You are going to love everything in this site. There is a forum section where you can post about various topics and reply to other post as well. You can request for some scenes that you really want and it will only be a matter of time before somebody answers the call and posts it.

Everything about the Brazzers network is perfect. They are famous for many reason, but price and crazy quality must be the main ones. No shame joining them.

Reality Kings

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You are going to get 37 quality sites at Reality Kings and that means you are going to get your money’s worth in this network. Reality Kings now has 8348 scenes and there are several ways on which you can download them including WMV and MP4. All of them can be streamed on a Flash player if you just found out that you can’t wait that long for it to finish. Each video here is 30 minutes and that is long enough to bring out the python in your pants and stroke it until it becomes a worm again.

There are 8348 photo sets and all of them can be saved into a Zip file. There are 100 pictures in each set and they are already in high resolution. The picture sets are full of screen captures and you would love it when they have a close up of that hot pussy and you know nothing is going to stop you from fingering it except the fact that you can only jack off to it and not touch it since it is in the computer monitor so there is nothing you can do about that.

The galleries can be viewed in a slide show or you can choose to view them all one by one. There is even an option for you to view the videos in your mobile device for people who are always on the move. There are more than 6000 hot girls here and you can bet all of them will give you an erection. There is an option here to save nice videos to your favorites so you can come back to them when you are feeling it again. There is a variety of content here so you can expect blowjobs, threesomes and hot lesbian action. You can expect only the best from one of the headliners in porn.

You can expect each porn fan to know about Reality Kings because they mean business when it comes to delivering the goods. You won’t be able to say no when you get a load of the amount of scenes they have in store for you in this site. It is just too good to pass up.

Blacks on Blondes

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DogFart is a network and this network has one well-experienced site called Blacks On Blondes. This site is experienced in pairing up long black shlongs with pink white punnanies and the results are hardcore interracial porn that is like an “atomic bomb” in nature!

The guys who make DogFart’s and this site’s material have been hard at work for years. They have gained a reputation for being niche masters when it comes to interracial porn. They have worked with established stars and new amateurs to come up with High Quality porn

And even if you set aside the fact that this site has enough material to keep you thoroughly engaged, there are other reasons why it is worth checking out. They currently offer 599+ videos thanks to the fact that they are an old site. 

There are 599+ picture galleries inside. The High Res, ebony-on-white images are sharp and downloadable issuing the .zip file. The matchups that are done inside are in exceptional detail, showing you the expertise and skill that these guys have in making high quality material.

However, being old doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand and ignoring the signs of the times! These “signs” are telling porn sites that members want to see High Definition material. And this site hasn’t buried its head; they have hundreds of HD videos. Formats include mobile formats and the flash player lets you look at full length and clip videos.

The “blondes” come to you in various shapes and designs (so to speak!) And even if the site’s title, Blacks on Blondes, clearly implies what kind of action is inside, there are some deviations. You will find some brunettes inside but you will always be treated to black-on-white creamy hardcore, that has not changed!

Update schedule? Every 4 to 5 days there is something new (we would like a more frequent update schedule since everything is so chocolate-on-vanilla sweet!). But, to give you something to do in the meantime, you receive access to the DogFart “twenty-site” network. So, you can now sing along and say, “Oh! sweet Happy days are really here!”

Your membership to this site is all round very beneficial. There is hundreds of material to sift through, great variety, great niches, great services, and most importantly, great interracial hardcore to be had! Blacks On Blondes gets our explicit approval and our most highest recommendation. Check them out!


Cheers, Its A New Mofos Discount


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Mofos are just simply not your average porn network. The masters behind this network are the same guys who gave the world Brazzers, so you know that they have a penchant for doing things big and flashy. 

They have a certain thirst for giving members more and more action that has lead them to their daily updating schedule. And they even upload as many as five in a single day. Simply marvelous is what many critics have to say about this network.

The updates can all be seen when you login the homepage of this network. This network currently contains like fifteen sites. The navigation features, like the drop down menu, give you the ability to see various thumbnails, go to the sites, and see what is happening inside the network. 

You have various ways of looking through the scenes whether you want them according to date, ratings, comments, or number of views. The power solely rests in your hands.

An advanced search is something that would be readily welcomed but as it stands, you will not lack ways of searching for material. Related action and hardcore scenes can be searched for thanks to the keyword tags. The model index will knock you senseless since it has all the “beauty-scorching babes” in all their freaky splendor! It also has information with profiles so that you can know your performers more intimately.

The 1601+ videos will keep you busy for quite some time and the daily updating schedule is something that you can always look forward to. The main issue many might have is that you have to go through every page since there are no other options. You cannot jump forward some pages or go back some pages.

Some of the Choices you receive from the Mofos discount video gallery include: 
1. Clip or full-length videos.
2. Wmv, mpeg, mp4, 3gp, flv video formats.
3. Various downloading options and streaming abilities.
4. Hundreds of High Definition videos.

Run to the picture gallery and what do you get? Try some 1475+ Mofos galleries and see if you will not be satisfied! Of course, you will be since the pictures are great and you can have them using the .zip file for downloading. There are many High Res clear pictures you can have.

To give you a taste of the kind of action inside, let’s list some of the sites you will find, SHE’S A FREAK, PERVS ON PATROL, MOFOS WORLDWIDE, MILFS LIKE IT BLACK, etc. And these sites will give you everything that you love when it comes to hardcore niches. The production style that these guys use is something that will delight you. The fact that they have so much fun making the material will only encourage you to freak on!

The themes are so titillating and so engaging. After that, add on the fact that the sites are constantly updating. More is always better, so these guys go ahead and give you more High Quality hardcore porn. And when you think it’s all over, they take it further by making hardcore action that speaks to all your desires and carnal needs.

Who wouldn’t recommend this network? Who wouldn’t want to join Mofos? We definitely want to join them and so should you, so its time you got your membership!


Cheers, Its A New Videobox Discount


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VideoBox is a vault. And what do vaults have? They have precious things that you find very valuable. This particular vault is a vault of quality hardcore porn action. And this particular vault is huge when it comes to the amount of movies and porn material you can get.

Which porn site do you know that has over 17000 DVD titles, not in its main gallery, but as part of its archives? Well, now you can tell everyone that you have information about such-said site. As a DVD site, this baby receives superlative marks from lovers and critics alike. So let’s get down to the base, gritty hardcore material inside!

The amount of material you will find inside deserves its own respect due to the enormous quantity and rich quality of the DVD, scenes, and pics. There are 17,773 DVD movies that give birth to around 95,156+ scenes. These scenes and DVDs have been performed by some 12,000 models. This site does absolutely nothing on a small scale!

And the huge, staggering amounts of videos are mostly very watchable stuff. There are new additions giving members HIGH DEF mode, and you have to expect some variation of quality when you join these guys. There is a wmv, mp4, and mobile formats for those who love downloading smut action. Another nifty feature is that you can start and stop downloads of movies at the exact points you want, cool right? The streaming flow is as smooth as a new baby bottom! No issues when you are buffering, and forwarding is simple and fast just the way we like it. There are other nifty features called “flow mode” that lets you watch what you want from various clips. You will be able to sample a lot of action using this feature.

Videobox just amazes us with their five updates every day, adding to an already remarkable amount present in their vault-like galleries. The stars are listed, the directors, categories, niches, studios, time updated, and so much more. The navigation is simple and the features so joyous to use.

Some of the action inside you might have seen, but really, there is no way you have seen the thousands of movies and scenes this site has to offer. At the end of the day, the thing that helps these guys to thrash and trash the competition is the amount and variety of material they have.

VideoBox massacres all completion when it comes to amount of material. They also hold their own when it comes to services, quality, navigation, layout, and a thousand other little things that make a good porn site. For a small entrance fee, you will be able to access over 12 years of hardcore sexing that will turn your dull life upside-down and shake you to your very core. To us, that sound like the best deal ever!

Digital Playground

Cheers, Its A New Digital Playground Discount


 $17.95 for One Month and $10.00 monthly for One Year


Now That is Up to 67% OFF Your Membership!

Digital Playground production has been happening for the past couple of years and they have released some “thought-provoking action for sure!” What these guys do best is commonplace hardcore porn niches that you are accustomed to. Their site is exclusive and you can expect some quality action to float your way.

What do we mean when we say “commonplace hardcore niches?”

Well, we are talking about hardcore orgies, DP, threesome, anal, cum shots, penetrations, toy play, and so on. Don’t get us wrong, just because you know these niches doesn’t mean that the action inside is all too predictive and boring. There is something to see and enjoy inside. 

“Material-wise what are they offering?”

There are some 1500+ Digital Playground picture sets, some 502+ DVD titles, and 2700+ videos/scenes, with the picture sets having around 80 pictures or more. The material that these guys are presenting goes way back to 2000. They are (and have been) adding new action routinely, that is why they have such action packed galleries.

Let’s speak a bit about the quality of the material inside. The action that has been uploaded recently stinks of nothing but exceptional beauty and clarity. The streaming flash player with its HIGH DEF option is marvelous. They also offer different streaming qualities to make everyone feel satisfied.

The major let down that these guys clearly have is that they have yet to transition from a “streaming-only porn site” to a more “streaming and downloading porn site”. No downloads available inside, sorry. 

The good thing is that you will have nil issues with the streaming capabilities of this site. And even though they might just be protecting their turf and merchandise by restricting downloads, we still want them to give us that option!

“Any other blemishes you should be aware of?”

Well, they could use a more versatile interlinked navigation masterpiece but the one they have still gets the job done. You will have to make do with lower-quality older-action since it is not in HIGH DEF and HIGH RES mode. These are just small issues that do not reflect badly on the whole picture. They are still very, very, very good!

You need it, and they have it. All they want is your time, some membership fee, and lots of tissue to soak up all that juice you will be emitting. Digital Playground has DVD titles, models, hardcore punany, and very little problems or issues. And even if they do an upgrade, what they have now is not something that you can easily pass up. Check them out!